Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Being pregnant can be a little difficult. Orion is very protective of me, which makes my life a little difficult. He is always telling me to take it easy and not do much. I feel like I am made of glass at the moment. He has been working on running more and getting into better shape. I of course want to help him with this goal and I need to be in better shape as well. He decided that he was going to go running more often and that I should come with him. Except that he runs and I walk. He runs up the street and then back to where I am. It is not my favorite, but I know that he is coming from a good place.

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  1. You're pretty durable! Don't worry, this too shall pass, Jakob only got more protective the bigger I got, just remember you are carrying his entire family now and being protective is the only way our husbands know how to help. :)