Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

Since getting married I have loved Valentine's Day. Before I got married I looked forward to the day with dread. Who wants to have a day where they are constantly reminded that they don't have anyone special in their lives? Not me, but thankfully I don't have that problem any more. My heart goes out to those who don't like Valentine's Day because it is actually a very fun day.

Orion and I celebrated over the weekend because he is super busy with training at work. He spends about 12 hours a day either traveling or training. So when he gets home he is pretty tired and not really in the mood to celebrate. Plus he has to prepare for the next day which usually takes up all the time before he needs to go to bed. BORING if you ask me, but it means we are making some more money and that is fine by me. After sending me to our room Orion made me a Valentine card like he does every year.
This year he decided to go pirate themed. It says "Yarghhh! I'm a PIRATE! And I'm looking for booty. I've sailed the 5 seas. (He said that on purpose because pirates are not very smart) I stolen, plundered, and pillaged. I have seen many a woman. But....."

"At the end of Pirating you're still my greatest treasure. Happy Valentine's Day"

He has gotten much better at making cards. I love that he puts forth so much effort to make me a card every year. I have a journal that I keep them in, so I can look back on them for time to time. So far I have three. I can't wait for the day where I need to put the cards in a box because I have so many.

I of course got some flowers, chocolate, and sugar cookies!

I am one lucky lady!

For his present I ordered a mug with our pictures on it. He loves hot chocolate so I figured he should have a special mug just for him.
Then I filled the mug with paper fortune cookies I made him, filled with personal fortunes. ;)
This is our last Valentine's Day where we only have one Valentine. Next year we will get to share our love day with a little one! I am so excited for that.

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