Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The results are in! I secretly wanted to come up with a cool way to announce the gender, but then I realized I am not that cool. Plus Orion is gone most of the day and when he gets home he has zero desire to do anything but eat, shower, do work stuff, and then sleep. Thank goodness he will be done with training in a couple of weeks! I am going crazy over here!

Any way back to the results..... Drum roll please!

It's a


(Orion is still holding out hope for a boy. The baby did not want to really show off their goods at the ultra sound. So we are having another one in April. It kept its little bottom shoved way down low, which did not feel so lovely. What a stubborn little child I have growing inside of me. No matter we are happy to have a healthy baby coming in July!)

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  1. CONGRATS!! Girls are awesome!! :) But I may be a little biased