Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sweet Memories

I think my favorite time of day is bath time. Adilyn agrees. She is my little fish. Most nights I give her a bath because Orion is off working. But the nights he is off it is daddy daughter time. Adilyn just loves it when he daddy gives her a bath.
 She loves to play with her daddy. I have to be in another room or else she tries to crawl out of the bathtub. She can't handle both of us in there at the same time I guess. So I peak in at them playing together. It just makes me so happy.
Here is our sweet lady with a cape on. She just loves to play with her rubber ducks. If you take them away from her before she is done be prepared for a temper tantrum. Yep she is only 9 months old and already throws a fit if you take things away from her.  Boy are we in trouble.

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