Thursday, July 25, 2013

First birthday

My little lady is not so little anymore. She is one! I can't believe it. For her birthday we made her a raspberry cheesecake with strawberries on top. We love cheesecake in this family. Adilyn just loved her cheesecake.
 We could not find our candles so we ended up putting a strawberry on top instead. She loves strawberries so very much.
 She was confused by all of us standing around her singing. Owen was clapping and she just did not understand what was happening.
 As soon as we stopped singing she dug in.

 She was more interested in the strawberry on top then the cheesecake.

 Once the strawberry was demolished (she ate a couple during dinner as well)

 She was so excited to eat her cake.
This photo is just so cute! She started her birthday off super grouchy and wanted to be held all day long. Thank you teething. I was worried she would not be up to having a a family party. Good thing we have baby Tylenol and she enjoys taking it. We made sure to give her some before her party and she did pretty good. One of her molars is coming in and it has been such a pain to her. Thankfully it has popped through and she is a much happier baby.

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