Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun Times with Adilyn

 Adilyn is such a fun loving lady. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. So when Orion thought about making her hair stand up she loved it.
 Her hair is getting so long.
 She loves to get up close and personal when we take her picture. Those blue eyes are just the best. I hope she keeps them. Although I had blue eyes when I was little and now they are green.
 She just loves playing with her daddy.
 She also loves to steal his hat. In reality it is her hat now. She is the only one who wears it. She randomly puts it on throughout the day.
 Then she starts walking around until you start laughing.
It amazes me that she does not run into walls when she does this.

These are the pictures from our church Christmas party. She was not really a fan of Santa until she started to eat the candy cane. Of course Santa could not help but laugh at she trying to wiggle out of his arms. It was pretty funny. Even when she is having a little melt down she still can make someone smile.

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