Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We love to play!

Our local park is pretty cool. Adilyn and I go there regularly. I walk a couple laps while she hang out in the stroller. I am trying to walk 2-3 miles a day at least five days a week. Plus bikes rides and running after Adilyn all the time. This momma wants to get in shape before we have another baby. Then I have to start all over again ;) Lucky for me Adilyn loves her stroller which allows me to get my exercise in. Then she gets hers in by playing at the park. My favorite feature of this park is the "spider web", the cool little kids call it this. Adilyn is not big enough to really climb it by herself, but that does not stop her from trying. Lucky for her daddy helps out after his run. 
It is so cool! It is fun to play on as a kid or an adult. Orion tries to climb on it by himself but Adilyn always wants in on the action.

 There is a seat in the middle of the web so you can take a little break from climbing. Or your mom can tell you to sit long enough to take your picture.
 Here is our little brave monkey sitting on her own. I let her climb on this the other day and she totally fell off. She was fine though. She was only a foot or so off the ground. She cried for thirty seconds, spit out the wood chips and tried climbing again. She is a tough little girl.
 Dress up is our favorite pass time. She is such a little fashionista. We let her pick out her shoes and sometimes her outfits. But she always picks out her accessories. Sunglasses are a new go to item. But hats are still number one in her book.

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