Friday, January 31, 2014

Phone Pictures

 Adilyn loves going shopping with my momma. She knows that my mom will get her whatever is in her reach.
 When your daddy is in law enforcement you are bound to get into "trouble". As a prank gift someone gave Orion a pair of fake handcuffs. Adilyn found them and thinks they are so much fun. She will even dance in them.
 One of our many trips to Morro Bay. We just can't go a week without going to the beach. We have to make up for the time we lived in the Central Valley.
 My sweet lady being a big girl. She eats snacks and colors at the table. She also has a sweet mullet going on. I just can't bring myself to cut her hair.
 Our happy place in the beach.
Clearly we are so happy to play in the sand. Check out Adilyn's sweet glasses. No need for plastic sides here. She has a sweet headband to keep those stunna shades on.

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