Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dress Up

To pass the time Adilyn likes to play dress up. She will put random things on like a mess bag on her head, an empty bag of chips, my socks, scarf, and so much more. She always keeps us entertained.

She wanted to wear my scarf, but it was too long to wear regularly. So we improvised. She clearly loved it. My little ham.
I trimmed the chip bag and she decided it made a perfect hat.
 One morning while I was getting her dressed she wanted to wear he combat boots. My mom loves buying Adilyn clothes and shoes. Adilyn has a full wardrobe until she is three at least, which of course includes shoes. Her little combat boots are too big for her at the moment but that does not matter. She will stomp around upstairs in them all the time. I told her to stand still so I could take her picture. So of course she started dancing around. 

The she decided to suck in her tummy and stand still. I just love my little actress. She is always good for a laugh.

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