Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Beach

While on our vacation we went to our favorite spot. Morro Strand. I don't think we can visit the SLO area and not go there. I have a love of sand dollars and am always on the look out for them. I can't leave a beach without one, at least that is my goal. This trip did not disappoint.
We found the biggest sand dollar! It is at least three inches big. I have never seen one so big. It now lives in the bowl of sand dollars in my kitchen. It is no longer brown though, it has turned a green color. No matter I love it any ways.

The other night we had the missionaries over for dinner and one of them noticed my collection. He is from Tonga and had never seen one before. At least that is what I think he said. He just learned English a couple months ago. He wondered if we lived near the beach. I was sad to report that we lived hours away. I offered to give him one, but he declined because he thought he would break it.

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