Monday, November 14, 2011

One of my favorite holidays

HALLOWEEN! I know this is two weeks late, but I have been busy.

Meet Bucky our pumpkin. Mr. O named him. When we first bought our pumpkin his name was Jack O because he was going to be a Jack O Lantern, but when we carved him we gave him buck teeth thus his name. I was so excited to carve a pumpkin with Mr. O. Even though we have been married for a year and a half now, this was the first time we bought a pumpkin together. I ended up carving it while Mr. O "supervised", I told him he was mean for not helping.

Our favorite take and bake pizza place had a special last month. A Jack O Lantern pizza! I just had to have one. We went the entire month without one because someone, Mr. O, kept refusing. Finally on Halloween I told him we were getting one and that was that. It was the last day they were offering the pizza.
 It is really cute right? I just love pumpkins. I also love pizza so when the two came together I could not resist.

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  1. Love it! We didn't get a pumpkin but I like yours a lot, you did great on it. And that pizza looks really tasty....