Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The cutest little boys

This past weekend I went over to SLO all by myself on the train/bus. It was a little nerve racking to go all alone. It was the first time I had ever been away from Mr. O for more than a night. I was gone for three days. I almost cried when the train pulled away. I am such a baby. I went over to be a nanny for the week to my fabulous old boss. I wish will lived closer so I could still work for her. I am in love with sausage and pepperoni (not their real names by the way). While I was there I had them dress up in their Halloween costumes.
I forgot my camera once again, so this is a semi poor picture from my phone. Don't they melt your heart? Pep was a pilot like his grandpa. He was so excited to put on his costume. Sausage was a dragon and was not thrilled to wear his costume. It had a stuff tail, cute little booties, dragon head hat, and dragon gloves. I wanted them to be dressed up for the rest of the night, but Sausage would not have it. He was grumpy from being sick and missing his momma.

I am so grateful I got to watch them this weekend. They make me so excited to be a momma someday. It made being away from Mr. O not so bad. Of course I was over the moon to get back to him. He was pretty excited to see me too.

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