Friday, March 2, 2012


My sweet little nieces are old enough to wonder where babies come from. Victoria, who is six, asked her mom how I got a baby in my belly. I can just imagine the shock this sent through her mother. Is six too young to talk about how women get pregnant? Should she lie about where they come from? I think she came up with a brilliant answer. She said that Uncle Orion gave Aunt Kayde a seed and that is how the baby started to grow.
Victoria informed me that she knew how I got pregnant. She pointed to my belly and said Uncle Orion gave me a seed and that is where babies come from. She was very confident. Later when I showed her pictures of the baby she asked if I had to go back to the doctor's later. I of course said yes, thinking that she meant that I had more doctor's appointments. In her mind it meant that the next time I went to the doctor he would be taking the baby out. She then exclaimed that she knew that the doctor would give me my baby. I could not help but laugh. For the most part she is right Orion did give me a "seed" that started the whole process. And I will go to the doctor when it is time for our little one to enter the world. 

She also KNEW that we were going to have a girl. If only I could be six again and KNOW so much about the world!

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  1. Kids are so funny sometimes and say "the darndest things"! lol That was a good way of explaining where babies come from!