Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sharp Shooting Ace!

Yep that is me. Well, that is what Orion calls me sometimes. It is a little joke we have. There is this group called Divine Comedy, they are students at BYU who make up funny songs and skits to popular songs. One of the songs they did was Halo by Beyonce. They changed the song to be about a guy's girlfriend becoming a sharp shooting ace in the game Halo. It is pretty funny! Here is the link to the video on Youtube.

When we went to visit Orion's brothers at the camp they work at we had to go shooting. At least that is what Orion said. I don't really like guns and I certainly don't find shooting fun. Orion on the other hand loves it. This was my only attempt at shooting while we were there.
My brother-in-law really wanted to get a picture of me shooting a riffle while being 8 plus months pregnant. I would not let him take a picture because lets face it being super pregnant is not something I want documented.  I apparently am not such a bad shot. If I could have held the gun steady my shots would have been closer together. The gun was heavier than my arms could keep steady. Now Orion wants to take me shooting more because I am not that bad at it.

Here is Orion's target.
Clearly he is much better at shooting. He also shot a lot more than I did. According to Orion and my brother-in-law the sites on the guns were off. I don't really know what that means but apparently if they were not off we all would have been better shots. It sounds like an excuse to me, but then again I don't know much about guns.

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