Friday, June 29, 2012


Orion decided he wanted to grow some chops. Don't ask me why. He thought it would be cool. Lucky for him he is part werewolf. I swear that man can grow facial hair faster than normal.
This was how long they got after about two weeks. I think it would take the average man at least a month to grow them this long. We have to trim them with clippers before he could shave them off.
His co workers called him Wolverine and told him he should change his hair. Even random guys at stores would compliment him on his chops. I don't understand why men like facial hair so much. Let me tell you Orion was so proud of his chops that he might have kept them forever. But apparently once you have facial hair for a while your face starts to itch. Who knew? So he decided it was time to get rid of them. He looks years younger without them now. I should have taken a picture post shave.

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