Monday, June 4, 2012

How I know that I am crazy (at least for the moment)

  • We rented a movie last week and it was scratched so it would not play. I cried.
  • I spent twenty minutes trying to find another place to rent the movie from and could not find anything. So I cried some more.
  • Instead of making my bed for the past couple weeks I just leave it a mess. (If you know me this is not a common thing at all. I love things to be organized and made up)
  • I have a pile of baby things in the living room that I just look at instead of wash or put away.
  • Instead of make lunch for Orion I take a two hour nap and I still want to go to bed before he gets home from work.
  • I am not sad when he works nights because it means I get the entire bed to myself and my mountain of pillows.
  • I think of ways to get slurpees when we go out of the house. (Orion does not really care for them so I have to get creative in order to get him to the store.)
  • Instead of making a pb&j sandwich I eat the peanut butter straight from the jar. Even when I am skyping with my mom. (I literally got up and walked away mid conversation so I could get the jar of peanut butter)
  • I day dream about having a way to make money so I could hire someone to make me food when Orion is not here. Instead I end up making myself eggs for dinner most nights.
  • Today I was red faced and winded after walking a mile. I sat down for thirty minutes to recover. 
  • This baby is making me crazy, but I am still not ready to meet it yet. Our little lady can take her time because my apartment is currently a mess and I have zero desire to clean it.

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  1. LOL So cute your very pregant! You may not think so, but moms who have been through what you are going through will completly understand and smile! I think I will need to come see you alot more when I get back from San Diego! ;)