Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Surprise Visit

We may or may not be out of minds, but we made a surprise visit over to the coast last week. My mom was sick (not the kind of sick she could have passed off to the baby) and could not come see us. With the idea from Orion's mom we decided to go visit my mom. We had not even thought about going over to see my mom. We just figured she would come here when she was able to travel. What a great trip it was!

My mom was so excited and surprised to see us. She screamed when I walked into her house and was so excited to hold Adilyn. We did not take pictures because we are silly.

After visiting with my mom we decided to go to the beach. I know what you are thinking you brought a little baby to the beach? Yep. Don't worry we made sure she was completely covered and we were only there for a tiny bit. We really needed our beach fix. It is very sad for us to not live near the ocean anymore. We constantly talk about moving back.
All snuggled up for our little stroll. She did not actually look at the ocean at all. She mostly slept while we walked.
You can only see Adilyn's hat but it's our first family photo.
I sure do love this man.
It is our tradition to collect sand dollars every time we go to the beach. This time we found a little baby one just for Adilyn.

It was a long day because we drove over in the morning and back the same day. Everyone was very tired at the end of the trip, but it was very much worth it. We got to see my mom, my sister-in-law and her children, the beach, and our good friends Kylie and DJ. I can't wait till our little lady is bigger so she can actually interact with people instead of sleep or be fussy because she is in a new environment.

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