Saturday, August 11, 2012

Real Parents

Last night Orion went for a run while I went for a walk wearing Adilyn. During this walk she had her first blow out diaper ALL OVER ME! Well it was all over her leg as well. When we got home from the walk we had to give her a bath because she pooped everywhere. As Orion was taking her clothes off he got poop on her head! Poor little girl had no idea what was going on. Although when we put her in her little bath tub she was in love. Then I washed the poop off her head and it was like I was killing her.

Today when Orion was holding her she decided to share the love. She peed on him. When he changed her earlier her diaper somehow got shifted so it caught now of her pee. Instead it got all over his shirt. What a giving little lady we have. I told Orion that we are now real parents. All that we have left is for her to barf on us. I don't look forward to that day at all.


  1. So cute! Don't worry it only gets better with bigger blow outs and more poop! But its' all worth it.

    Some advice, not that you asked, but try to make sure you are "splashing" her face with water when you bath her. Not drown her of course but get her used to her face getting wet to avoid water phobias. Ethnie cried a bit at first but now she throws her face into the shower. It's cute and totally make bath time more bearable, not to mention swimming lessons when their older.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely work on that with her.