Sunday, August 19, 2012

Things that I have learned as a Mom

Let me just start of by saying that the word Mom and me seem strange together. I still sometimes think that maybe I am just watching Adilyn for someone else. In reality I am watching her because she belongs to our Father in Heaven, but in this life she is my daughter. I still can't believe that I have a daughter.
  • I no longer matter when it comes to Adilyn's needs. If she needs to be feed and changed at 2 in the morning it does not matter that I want to sleep.
  • I am surprised that I am not dead yet from not enough sleep. Getting 2-4 hour stretches of sleep is simply not enough, but yet here I am still kicking. (Well sort of)
  • Time sure does fly even if you are not having a lot of fun. It is amazing how quickly the day goes by when you have a baby. Even if all she does is nurse, poop/pee, sleep, and cry. How does that make the day go by so quickly? It will be a mystery forever I think.
  • I never knew what true frustration was until I had my little lady. Seeing her crying and not knowing what to do to help her is beyond frustrating. I feel helpless. I also have a hard time not crying when she is crying. I just want her to be happy all the time.
  • A held Adilyn is usually a happy Adilyn, unless she decides she is starving even though she ate an hour ago (sometimes less)
  • Her little gummy smile melts my heart. Even though she has not mastered smiling on purpose yet I still tell myself she is smiling at me. In reality she is just moving randomly. She mostly smiles in her sleep.
  • I apparently make the best bed in the world. 
  • Breast feeding has been the best diet for me. I lost all my baby weight and then some less than three weeks after she was born! Actually I lost all my baby weight by the end of the second week. By the end of the third week I had lost 4 pounds more. Sweet! Too bad it comes with nursing all freaking day long. Well not every second of the day, but some days it feels like it.
  • Even with all that weight lost I don't think my pre pregnancy pants fit just yet. Blast. 
  • Days like today (Adilyn cried most of the morning and eat every 1-1.5 hours and barely slept) are really draining, but she is worth every missed second of sleep and ounce of frustration.


  1. Hang in there, I remember feeling EXACTLY like you. It gets easier. Try supplementing her if she's hungry after an hour. You might not be making enough milk simply because your nursing ll of the time, your body doesn't have enough time to produce it. I gave E a bottle some days just to relieve the stress. It doesn't mean your a failure (that's what I thought.)

    You'll eep loosing weight don't fear. I'm WAY below my pre preggers weight, hopefully it'll stay off but who knows. :)

  2. I did that the other day and I hated every second of giving her a bottle, but it did feel nice to not have to nurse for a while. It is good to know I am not a failure. :)