Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Not So Little Lady

She is 13.2 pounds now! That is a 5 pound gain since she was born 2.5 months ago. She just keeps growing and growing!
Her rolls have rolls.
For the most part she has no neck because she is such a chunk at the moment.
But check out her blue eyes. I just love them so much! She got them from her dad ;) Another thing she got from Orion is his height. She has grown 4 inches since she was born. If she could stand she would be two feet tall.
I just love her so much. I thought that she would be on the high end for her weight and height but she is in between the 75th and 90th percentile. I guess she is not that big.

Her favorite past time is eating (duh), followed by being held and sucking on her fist. I think she is attempting to suck on her thumb but has not mastered it yet. She loves to sit up with her boppy supporting her or sitting on the couch. Just the other day she started being interested in her toys. She will grab them and bring them to her mouth. Of course she is always surprised by herself and quickly drops the toy and starts the process over again. Also she loves mom the best. Orion can only hold her for so long before she gets bored with him and wants me to hold her. Sometimes she will get fussy with Orion and as soon as he hands her to me she is happy. On day I am sure this will change.

She was doing amazing at sleepy (only waking up once a night), but that only lasted a week or so. Now she is backing to waking up twice a night :( I am hoping that by my birthday she will be back to just once a night. I want to move her into her own room soon, but I want to wait till she can sleep longer at night. She is almost too big for her bassinet. I can't complain too much because she is a really good baby.

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