Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Coast

A couple of weeks ago Adilyn and I went to the coast with Orion's family. Orion had to work that day so he missed out. We had so much fun! Adilyn slept most of the day. It was her second time at the beach and I don't think she even saw the ocean. The sound of the waves crashing just made her sleepy. It was a windy day so I bundled my little lady up.
(Honestly blogger why are you making this picture sideways? It is upright when I upload the picture but sideways when it loads. You are stupid!)

Here is Adilyn all ready for the beach. She stayed awake long enough for me to eat my lunch and then promptly fell asleep in her baby carrier.

We were gone all day and were of course fast asleep by the time Orion got home from work. He missed me (I am sure he missed Adilyn too, but he did not try to wake her up to say so. What a smart man I have) and wanted to do something nice. So he made a batch of cookie dough and started to bake some chocolate chip cookies for me. When he came into our room he woke me up by saying he had a surprise for me. I responded by saying 'OK' and rolled over and fell back asleep. What a mean wife I am! He told what I did in the morning and I felt so bad. In my defense I was super tired and he did not try that hard to wake me up.

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