Thursday, March 29, 2012

Real Adults

Orion and I are becoming real adults more and more everyday. Yesterday we booked a room at Cambria Pines Lodge. It was the first time either of us had ever booked a room. We stayed at this lovely lodge for our honeymoon, but someone else booked and payed for it. (Thanks wonderful family members for pitching in for that!)
This place is gorgeous! Check out their website. Our two year anniversary is just around the corner and we are heading to Cambria to celebrate. I am so excited. Our room is going to be a cottage setting, surrounded by woods, the light sounds of the ocean, and my favorite part a crackling fire place. I am so excited!!!!

One of Orion's co workers told us about a coupon that ran in the Fresno Bee for Cambria Pines Lodge and we were so excited. The coupon is good for a nights stay with dinner and breakfast! The restaurant at this place is so good! Orion is going to have Filet Mignon for dinner there. He already looked through the dinner menu, he is that excited. For this trip we are going to remember to bring our camera. For some reason we ALWAYS forget to bring our camera when we go on trips. But not this time! I have already started a list of things we need to bring for our little get away. 

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