Friday, April 27, 2012

After two years of marriage we finally are starting to decorate our space. Up until this point it has not really been a priority because we had things like groceries to buy and bills to pay. Those things for some reason seemed more important than having curtains to dress up our room. Strange how that worked out. Well we still have those priorities but curtains finally joined our home.
They are not super fancy or anything, but I like them. I think their color is great!
We finally caved and bought them so Orion could sleep on the days he works over time. The blinds simply were not keeping enough light out in the morning. If he works a 16 hour shift he needs all the rest he can get before he goes in again that afternoon. Instead of sleeping 3 hours he sleeps at least 5!

They are not black out curtains, but they do a great job. So good in fact that we have been getting almost 10 hours of sleep a night since we put them up! Granted we have been sick so the extra rest was needed, but still it stays nice and dark in our room now. I love them. Orion thinks we should only pull them closed on the mornings he does get to go to sleep till 7am so we don't sleep in so much. He takes away all of my fun. Can't a pregnant lady get 10+ hours of sleep a day???

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