Saturday, April 28, 2012


Last week we went to a nickel arcade! It was so much fun and inexpensive. We paid $1.95 each to get in and then we went crazy with nickels. Well I went crazy with nickels, Orion sat at the same machine with two of his brothers for two hours. I ran around like a little kid winning tickets. It was so much fun. Every so often I would shove my tickets in Orion's face to show him how much I had won. For some reason he did not like it.

Before we left to go to the arcade Orion's dad gave me a roll of quarters and told me to have fun. I did not even go through all of the money he gave me before I got bored and hungry. There is only so much walking around winning tickets a pregnant girl can take. Orion and his brothers could have played their game for at least another hour if it were not for me. It was only after I said I was hungry that they realized they were hungry too. Silly boys!

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  1. Rob and I went to a nickelcade in Provo and it was actually a lot of fun! Sounds like a good time! A nice inexpensive date! :)