Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cambria Pines Lodge

Like I have said before I am in love with this place. I am so glad we went there on our honeymoon. It is really romantic and fun. Of course this time we went we spent more time out and about. I wonder why that is.... ;) We toured the gardens, walked around the grounds, hung out in the lodge before dinner. I was such a good trip. In fact we thought about how next time we would make it a two night trip so we had plenty of time to do everything.
This was our roll of toilet paper. Whoever thought up to make a flower out of toilet paper had a lot of time on their hands. I thought it was so interesting that I took the roll of the dispenser so I could take a better picture. Orion of course just laughed at me.
Then they made a flower out of our tissues! I had a hard time trying to get just one tissue out later that night.

Our room had a fire place and a cute little outside patio. I of course forgot to take a picture of both. Silly me.

They had a little wishing well in the gardens and tons of other really cute decorations.
The flowers were gorgeous! It made me wish we had a garden of our own!
My favorite flower, well second to the sunflower.

The only downside to our trip was someone hit our car. : ( Well we are not sure if it happened while we were at the lodge, but that is where we noticed it.

Our poor car. It is really not that noticeable, but it really bothers Orion. He is pretty protective of his things. For the rest of the day he parked far away from anyone and gave anyone who walked near our car dirty looks. I of course could not help but laugh at his overprotective behavior.

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