Friday, April 6, 2012

Cookie Monster

You may or may not know that Orion is a Cookie Monster. He just loves cookies so much! Lucky for me I am good at making cookies or else I might have an unhappy husband on my hands.

A couple of weeks ago I went to one of my best friend's from high school bridal shower. It was my first trip all by myself. I stayed at my parents, went to lunch, did some shopping, and just enjoyed some girl time. It was amazing. While at Ashley's bridal shower I won something amazing. A Skookie! Never heard of that before? Neither had I. It is a truly wonderful invention. Have you ever gotten a huge cookie with warm ice cream on the top from a restaurant? Well this lovely little creature makes it possible to make that perfect cookie at home! Needless to say Orion fell a little more in love with me when I brought this home.
I love this little pan. The cookie comes out perfect every time. Believe me we have used this little gift many times since I got it. I wish I knew where you could buy this because it would make a great gift.

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