Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life according to a six year old

My sister-in-law is going to San Diego next week and I am rather jealous. If only I was not eight months pregnant I would be going with her. My six year old niece told me excitedly what she was going to do in San Diego, collect sea shells. I then informed her that I am from San Diego. I was born there and lived there when I was a kid. Her response was my favorite.

"You are Mexican!"

"Uh, no actually San Diego is still apart of America. But it is really close to Mexico."

If I was Mexican I am pretty sure I would be the palest Mexican in the world.


  1. LOL you have to mention why she realted you to being Mexican to San Diego! She was born in San Diego and shes Mexican so since your from San Diego you must be mexican too!! LOL! Silly kid!

  2. It all makes a little more sense now. haha