Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I am going to be honest I have never wanted something to happen more than I do right now. I want my little lady to be born already. I was due yesterday and here I sit today still pregnant. Being a first time mom I can't help but worry about what this whole labor thing will be like. I just don't know what I am doing and there is only so much you can read about labor. Every labor is different so I feel like I really don't have a clue what I am doing.

Today Orion said he wished I had a little electronic sign on my belly that was a count down till labor. That way we would know when to prepare. At the moment he goes into work everyday wondering if I am going to call him to come home. This waiting game is no fun! Hopefully tomorrow at my doctor's appointment we will get an end date. If I don't naturally go into labor by such a date then they are going to induce me. Like my sister-in-law Cheyenne says "No one has ever been pregnant forever. You either have the baby or you die. There really is no in between." Here is to hoping that our little lady comes naturally real soon!

If she does not come by Friday Orion plans on going to the new Batman movie with me. I am hoping if that happens that I don't go into labor during the movie. I would be so sad to have to leave in the middle of it. I really want to see the movie and I hate wasting money.

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