Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life Lesson from a Six Year Old

My little niece Victoria is six will let you know if you are wrong about something. She will tell you what you need to know. She may not have front teeth, but she knows whats going on.
A couple of weeks ago she came over to swim in my pool. Before we left my apartment she told me that I needed to put sunscreen on my legs. Of course she told me in a six year old attitude type way. So me being the mature adult ignored her. Later that night my legs were very itchy from a sun burn. I guess she knows somethings better than I do.

This last week she came over to swim again and got to talking about babies. Because she knows where they come from and the doctor gives them to you when they are done growing. I stole a chip from her sister's plate and she got very upset with me. She informed me that I should not steal. Right again young child. I told her that it was for the baby. Her response was priceless. "You mean what you eat the baby eats?" Finally something I knew that she did not. ;) I gave her the low down on how the baby survives in my stomach. She then lovingly gave me a chip off her plate because she wanted to make sure the baby had enough food.

When I told her that the baby lives in a water like substance in my stomach she was shocked. "Babies can't breath water. No one can breathe under water." How right she is. There really was no convincing her that when the baby is growing inside me it does not need to breathe. It is only practicing.

Another great lesson I have learned from Victoria is that Platypus is not a good name for a baby. (Sorry Orion the all knowing Victoria has spoken) I guess our nickname for the baby simply won't still when if Victoria has any say in the matter.

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  1. LOL cute! It's agood thing you didn't ask Bella she says Platupus is the last name LOL!