Monday, November 5, 2012

A Dad's Love

Orion is so loving towards Adilyn. He carries her around proudly when we go to church or the store. (That is when she is not being fussy because he hands her to me when that happens.)  He just loves our little lady so very much. My mom got Adilyn a little outfit that is oh so true.
She has a little bit of a smile here because she knows it is true!
It looks like Adilyn has inherited Orion's lack of picture taking ability. They both are making weird faces. She does not really like having her picture taken. I think it is the flash that bothers her.
He finally decided to smile, but of course Adilyn did not want to work with us. She does what she wants.

In the mornings before Adilyn goes down for her first nap Orion likes to snuggle with her. That is if he has woken up yet. He normally sleeps in after I get up with Adilyn because he goes to bed much later than we do. Perks of his job.
I can usually find them on the couch like this after I come out of the bathroom or finish putting a load of laundry in the washer etc.
She sure does love her dad and blankets. Mornings are definitely her favorite because she gets the best of both worlds. I am so grateful that I have a lovely husband who loves being a dad. I can't imagine raising Adilyn on my own. I don't know how those single parents do it.

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