Sunday, November 4, 2012


My little lady loves to be swaddled. She falls asleep rather quickly when she is wrapped up nice and tight. I thought maybe she would have grown out of that by now, but no she has not. Instead she has started to love holding her blanket when she is not wrapped in it. Sometimes after a nap we just bring her out into the living room still wrapped up and she is happy as can be.
She just loves being a baby burrito.
Orion says she is on lock down when she is swaddled.
If she is getting a little upset we sit her in her chair and hand her a blanket. She instantly (most of the time anyway) becomes much happier. She pulls the blanket close to her and acts like she is giving it a hug. Then she tries to eat it.
I wonder if she is going to be one of those kids that carries a blanket around with her. I watched a little boy who was like that. As long as he had his blankets with him (he had two small blankets he loved) we could do anything.

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