Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There is something about a baby that makes everything cute. You dress them up for Halloween and no matter what they are dressed up as they are cute. You put a hat on them and they are so cute. I can't think of anything that you put on a baby that does not instantly become cute.
Regular little cardigan becomes super cute when placed on a baby.
Little flower pants are so cute when you put them on a baby.
A hooded towel is the cutest thing ever when placed on a baby. I have a better picture of her in the towel but she is crying because she is cold.
Nothing she is wearing matches, yet you can't help but describe her as cute.
I might be biased but I think Adilyn makes everything cute.


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL KD. Just beautiful. I can't wait to meet her! Are you guys going to be on the Central Coast for Thanksgiving?

    1. No :( I wish we were going to be. But we are going to be down there for Christmas.