Wednesday, November 7, 2012


For Adilyn's first Halloween she was a skeleton. The skeleton glows in the dark. After we were down trick or treating I just threw her sleeper on the floor after I changed her. Apparently that thing was still glowing at three in the morning when Orion randomly woke up. We were staying at our brother and sister-in-laws place and Orion was sleeping on the floor. I got the twin bed and Adilyn was asleep in her bassinet.

I dressed up as Cleopatra (sort of) and Orion was a boy scout leader. We did not take a picture of him though. My sister-in-law thought it would be cute to draw a heart on Adilyn's face. She did not like her face being drawn on at all.
Here she is holding her trick or treat bag all by herself! She would hold it open at the door while I said trick or treat. (I had to help her keep it open of course but she pretty much held the bag all on her own) You would not believe how much candy people would give a little baby. Obviously she is too little to eat it. My little lady is getting so big!

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