Sunday, November 11, 2012

Awkwardly Pregnant

When we went to the beach on our quick little trip to the coast two weeks ago I looked awkwardly pregnant most of the time. Thanks to my Moby Wrap. (honestly I think all moms should have one for their little babies. It is so amazing. It folds right up and fits in a diaper bag and is really comfortable). I just put Adilyn in that bad boy and we walked around for as long as we wanted. She stayed awake and looked around, then we she got tired she took a nap. SO amazing.

It was cold while we were visiting to so I needed to wear a jacket. Lucky for me I have been losing weight (16 pounds lighter than before I got pregnant) my jacket was nice and roomy. I just zipped it up over Adilyn to keep her nice and warm.
I have a baby under that jacket. She was happy as can be in there.

 There she is sleeping away. The only times she will actually take a pacifier is when she is in a baby carrier and sometimes in the car. Other wise she just cries when I try to give it to her.
You can't even tell there is a baby under that jacket. (If only we did not look so tired in this picture...)
Oh look I found Adilyn. When we got back to the car I unzipped my jacket and heard a strange noise. It was a lady in the car next to us letting out a gasp once she saw there was a baby on me. She said she was wondering if I was pregnant. I am happy to report that I was not such a funny shape when I was actually pregnant. I hope I never look so strange for future pregnancies.

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  1. Oh kraff. You're all growed up. You're not my baby sister no more. You look absolutely beautiful and your lil family looks perfect. Love ya sis