Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I love love love our new Nissan, Nessy. She is just so cute and loveable. She cost us a bijillion dollars so I think it is one of the reasons I love that car. On the other hand our beast is not a love of mine.
Look how big it is. I am just not in love with this car. Granted it is an ex cop car so it has a great history, but I don't really care. Orion and I are trying to sell it and so far we still own it. I am a little sad. I would rather have money than this car. Silly right? Once we sell this car, which will hopefully be soon, we will only have one car. That means that I am pretty much stuck at home while Orion goes to work unless I drive him. You would think that I would want to have a car for myself so I can leave every once in a while. Turns out I am a little bit crazy and would rather be stuck at home than have to drive the beast around. When school starts up again next month I will be too consumed with homework to even have time to leave the house. This is my last semester and I want to make sure I keep up my 4.0 GPA like I did the last couple of semesters.

To be honest I don't live driving around on the surface of the sun. This town is so much bigger than I am use to and the drivers are not that attentive. I am always a little worried that someone is going to hit me or side swipe my car while they are talking on their phone. Plus the streets here are funky. Like one intersection has six streets coming together and a rail road track! Whoever thought of that intersection was not the brightest person. Some day I am hoping to love the surface of the sun because we are going to be living in this area for at least the next couple of years. I am praying that my heart will be softened to this place, but I am not sure it could ever compare to SLO.

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