Thursday, August 11, 2011

All Moved In!

I am so excited that Orion and I have a place of our own now. Don't get me wrong I am grateful that his parents let us stay with them for a week, but I am much happier to have an apartment of my own. The last couple of weeks has been CRAZY for us. Orion quit his job in SLO on a Wednesday and we moved the next day. Then on Saturday (of that same week we went on vacation). When we came back a week later he started his new job. So here we are a couple of weeks later hundreds of dollars poorer, but with an apartment of our own. It is huge compared to our old place, which I lovingly call the shoe. We have TWO bedrooms (perfect for when we start having babies), a washer and dryer (no more going to the laundry mat! we are living the high life), and my personal favorite a linen closet. I have a place for extra blankets, towels and pillows. It almost makes moving to the surface of the sun worth it. ALMOST....

Now I am jobless (I miss my sweet pep and sausage) and out of school for the time being. I have so much time on my hands and not enough motivation to do much. I am hoping and praying for another part time nanny job. I am just crazy about little kids and a tad bit baby hungry. So being a nanny is the perfect job for me, at least at the moment. My last job just fell into my lap so I am hoping that it will happen again. So pray for me? My last semester starts in September and come December I will be a graduate! Then I will have to get a real job or start having babies. I am secretly hoping for the second option, but I have some student loans to pay off from before we got married. School should be free or it should have a payment plan that is affordable, I am just saying. If I get some more motivation I will post pictures of our apartment. I think it is the best decorated of any apartment we have had. 

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