Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Morro Bay

Orion and I met in Morro Bay. We we first saw each other out side a friend's house, but we did not officially meet until Morro Bay. It was Morro Strand at sunset where we first started talking. My friend had invited me along so I could meet Orion's friend because they thought I would hit it off with him. Turns out that I did, but Orion had other plans. He was smitten right from the beginning, well that is how I tell the story anyways.

Once we found out that Orion was getting his new job on the surface of the sun I made a list of things we had to do before we moved. If I had to give up my little slice of Heaven for the surface of the sun I wanted to make sure I did all the things I loved before we moved. Like a good husband he made sure we did all the things on my list. The first thing was go to the beach. I was ok with just going once before we moved because we had three weeks till we left for vacation and we going to have to move before that. Well my sweet man took me to the beach multiple times! Our favorite beach in Morro Bay (to be honest I think he should have proposed there instead of Montanna De Orro, but a girl can't complain when she has a great husband). He bought me my favorite thing in the world (other than him) a red velvet cup cake!
As you can see it was huge. I am guessing the size of my head. Normally I say everything is that size, but this was honestly really huge. I loved every part of it. The best part about my love of red velvet cake is the cream cheese frosting. Orion hates cream cheese so I get to eat it all! I knew I married that man for a reason.
This picture makes the cupcake look smaller than it actually is, but it does show you how must frosting it has. Seriously the place we bought it from must have an unlimited about of sugar because I almost went into a sugar comma after eating this bad boy. That cute little flower on the top was the first thing I ate. It was not as good as it looked.

Any ways I have been missing Morro Bay and walking along the beach where I met my best friend. Hopefully for my birthday we will go back to visit and I can make another list of things I want to do and Orion can work on making it all happen. I think I might skip this particular red velvet cupcake thought going into a sugar comma again does not sound like fun and it was after I scooped off a quarter of the frosting. It was still super yummy but it would get in the way of my current goal for myself. Some of the ladies in my family have formed a club called the "Biggest Winners" and we are working on being a little bit healthier. We put in 10 bucks a month and whoever loses the most weight at the end of the month gets the money. I am pretty excited mostly because I think I have an edge on my Nana, mom, and aunts because I am much younger than them. I have more energy so I hoping to stomp them and when 60 bucks a month. I will keep you posted.


  1. Good luck on winning that pot! I bet if you just walked around on the surface of the sun for an hour everyday I bet you would sweat off the weight in no time. But then you'd probably be all sunburned and heat stroked so on second thought don't do that.

  2. Don't worry I sweat enough just sitting around on the surface of the sun. I am excited for next month when it starts to cool off!