Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Gift

Yesterday was my brother-in-law's birthday. His wife called and asked if I could watch the kids so they could go out. I of course said yes because I kind of in love with children in general. When it comes to my nieces and nephews I am just over the moon about them. Well their children take a while to warm up to anyone. In fact when I first met them they would run away screaming bloody murder. If I looked at them they would start crying for their mom. SO to get to a point where I could watch them and they don't scream for their mom the entire time was AMAZING! I felt very accomplished. Orion came with me to watch their children because after all it was a gift for his brother.

We had a pretty easy night watching them. They have three kids and they are watching Bekah's sisters three kids. So Orion and I were watching six kids. I think it was good practice for us. My favorite part of the night was when Owen decided to put on his sisters light up shoes. Normally Owen is not my biggest fan because I am clearly not his mom. But as of the last week or so he has decided that I am not infected with the plague and that I am actually fun to play with. It only took two years but he finally likes me. I could not help but take pictures because it was so cute.
Those are the shoes. They are princess and light up when you walk. I said that I wanted to take a picture of him so he climbed up on a cube/storage thing so I could get a better picture. I knew he liked me. Then I told him to smile but instead he just looked at the shoes while they would light up.
I thought it was precious and a little bit like Tom Cruise walking around in undies and a white T shirt. We had fun last night but we were really tired when we got home. We slept in until 9:30 this morning. I guess that is why you start out with one kid at a time so you can build up to dealing with six children.

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