Sunday, October 16, 2011

Group Date!

I have forgotten how much fun a group date can be. When I was single I use to go on group dates all the time! They were the best. Now that I am an old married lady (just kidding I am far from old, almost 22) I have not been on a double date for awhile. Lucky for me an assignment I had for my group dynamics class was to go on a group date. That is even better than a double date in my opinion.

So I planned everything out and invited two married couples over. It was a success. I made home made pizza dough, my favorite thing to make, and each couple made their own pizza. So yummy! Let me know if you want the super easy recipe. I am serious it takes less than five minutes to make and it is delicious!

Mr. O and I went to the store that day to buy a game to play with everyone. We own one board game. I say it is because I get a little intense when it comes to games. I just want to win at all costs. It can get ugly so I try to avoid playing games for that reason. But Mr. O had a great idea about a game to play.
 This is not my picture. I got it from Google images. I pretty sure the website it came from was in a different language.
Catch Phrase! Such a fun game. I did not get overly aggressive either. Go me! Although I did say that the boys were cheating when they started to win points. We played boys against girls. That is the funnest way to play I think and its easier to understand clues from the same sex, at least I think it is. We played best 2 out of 3 to see who the best team was. GIRLS WON! Not that I am bragging or anything. Who knew homework assignments could be fun?

For a class I took about marriage I had to go on a date with Mr. O a couple semesters ago. I love it when my classes help me build my relationships with other people especially my husband. I guess it also helps that I am minoring in Marriage and Family Relations and Communication. Those two have helped my marriage TONS!

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