Friday, October 7, 2011


The other day I was cleaning on the desk drawer and found this little guy. It is a key to our old apartment in SLO. When we moved in our landlord gave us three keys even though it was just Mr. O and I living there. When we moved out we turned in our keys, but forget about this guy. Apparently our landlord forgot as well because we got our full deposit back. Is it bad that I went to keep this key forever to remind me that I lived in SLO? Maybe you should not answer that.

Just for the record the key is laying on my daily planner I never use. I bought it so I could have something pretty to write my homework in, but I caved and went back to my spiral notebook. I keep the daily planner on my desk because I like to look at it. I wish I could have couch pillows with that pattern on it over even a comforter. Although, I think Mr. O would think its too girly.

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