Friday, October 7, 2011

My Favorite month

I will have you know that October is my favorite month out of the entire year. In fact when I was little I would say all of the months of the year starting with October. It was simply how the months went in my mind. It was a sad day when I realized that the months started with January. Of course I am biased when it comes to October because its my birthday month! Also it has Halloween and I was 2 days old for my first one. Lets not forget that Fall actually starts in October, at least in my mind.

A most glorious thing happened just a few days ago. IT RAINED! Oh halleluiah! I was so excited I put on my favorite socks. 
They are knee high toe socks. Yes I am almost 22 and still wear toe socks. Some things you simply don't out grow. Plus Mr. O bought them for me for an anniversary present. He bought them at a place in down town SLO called the Sock Drawer. It is such a fun little store to go into. They have a million pairs of socks in as many different varieties. In fact the first pair Mr. O bought me had a whole in them so I went to exchange them. I had my receipt in ready to prove I bought them, but the shop owner saw the whole and told me to just pick out a new pair. No signing anything or proving I bought the socks in a certain period of time. It was lovely and made me want to continue to go there.

Here on the surface of the sun (which is no longer so hot) grapes are turning into raisins. Well that is the plan anyways. Turns out I am suppose to wait to pray for rain until after the raisins are dried and ready to ship. I will have to remember that for next time. Speaking of grapes I found a huge one and attempted to take a picture. If you had not noticed my camera is not so great and neither or my picture taking skills.
It was bigger than a quarter. I even saved it to show Mr. O when he came home from work.
Can you tell that it is bigger round than it is high? Just take my word for it that it was a huge grape. It took a lot for me to not eat it at the time because I heart grapes. My mom never bought them growing up because she thought they were too pricey. One of the perks of living on the surface of the sun is that grapes are grown here so they are relatively cheap! Where I use to live plenty of grapes were grown, but they were for the wineries.

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