Friday, October 21, 2011

The Vineyard

Our church has a welfare vineyard that Mr. O and I were lucky enough to volunteer in. Our church donates all the raisins made from the vineyard (100%) to those in need. If there is a natural disaster somewhere or simply someone does not have enough money for food those raisins are given to them. There are lots of other welfare crops our church grows, but we only live near the vineyard.

It was such a uplifting experience to work in the vineyard. Knowing that a couple of hours that I put in was going to help feed thousands of people in need. I did not even mind that my clothes turned brown because of all of the dirt and I was soaking wet from all of the dew.
These are our shoes after we tried to clean them off. Silly me for wearing white shoes. I had no idea just how dirty we would get. The next morning I woke up really sore but happy. I am grateful to know that I can help those in need even if I never meet them.

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