Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear Future Job

Please come find me like you did the last couple of times. All I am asking for is a part time job because graduating is more important than working. (On a side note I have a problem remembering which then/than to use in sentences. A little help would be great. My 8th grade English teacher would be ashamed of me if she ever found out about my little problem.) Last time I needed a job it just fell into my lap. A lady came up to me in church and asked if I wanted to be a nanny. Seeing as how I just finished a summer nanny job it worked out perfectly. The summer nanny job was just handed to me as well. So if that could happen again it would be great. Part time nanny job for someone (hopefully in my church so they won't want me to work on Sunday) is all I am asking for. Would it be too much to pray that it happens a third time? Well I am asking because it never hurts to ask for blessings. Don't worry I am looking for other jobs too, but to be honest I don't want to work retail again. Here's hoping that I can find a job I love other than/then being a full time student.

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