Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Our first Christmas being married was great! Although, I have to be honest it did not really feel like Christmas. It felt like any other day, but we got to open presents. I got Orion a headlamp that he wore for most of the day.
The time on the picture is wrong. He woke up at 7 am and sat on the couch until I woke up. I am a light sleeper so I woke up when he got out of bed. I left the room to go to the bathroom, but I walked back in after I was done. Orion called out asking where I was going. I was still tired, but he wanted to open presents. He was not sure what I got him for Christmas so he was like a little kid waiting to see what he got. In fact the night before he said he wanted to go to bed as quick as possible so he could wake up sooner and open presents. It was cute.

Orion got me some kitchen stuff and a sewing machine! I am so excited to finally have a sewing machine. I feel like a real wife now. I have wanted a sewing machine for years! They are kind of expensive so I never got one. However, this year Orion got a Christmas bonus from his new job and he spent all of it on my sewing machine. What a nice guy! We also got jammies that we opened on Christmas Eve.

I have the light blue ones and Orion has the dark blue ones. I wanted to highlight just our jammies. Orion was so happy Christmas morning because he got everything he wanted and he was surprised about it. I was not surprised because in the words of Orion, I ruin all surprises. I do it without realizing what I am doing. I am just good at noticing things and figuring things out. Maybe one day Orion will truly surprise me. Remember how I said Orion wore his head lamp all day, well I was not kidding.

He is wearing it while he is making breakfast. He even wore it when we went over to visit family. I told him that he was a little kid.

Other great things we got for Christmas are super sweet knifes (from Orion's parents), aprons (from Orion's brother and sister in law), movie tickets for a date night (from Orion's other brother and sister in law) and a Costco membership (from my parents). I am really excited about the Costco membership for many reasons. One their gas is usually the cheapest, two they have sweet deals on large amount of food, and three I can go whenever I want to without having to go with someone who has a membership. It was a wonderful Christmas filled with family and relaxing. Orion and I even made dinner for my parents all by ourselves, it was very yummy.

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