Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

We bought a Christmas tree! It looks kinda like this...

Ok so it has more branches, but this tree has more decoration than ours does. Our tree is only 5 feet tall so we put it on a little stand so it would appear bigger. Seeing as how our Christmas budget is mostly for presents to other people when it came time for a tree we did not have very much left over. Our actual tree looks like this...

We currently only have two ornaments and zero lights. What can I say we are poor newly weds. This will be our first Christmas being married. Last year I was sick the week of Christmas and Orion was sick the week after. I hoping we don't start that as a tradition. We are not actually celebrating Christmas at our apartment this year so having a baby tree is just fine with me. It fit in the back of our car, which is an ex cop car so the back seat is pretty big, and Orion carried it up the stairs with one hand. To be honest I am proud of our little baby Christmas tree I think it is cute. It makes our house smell wonderful!

This weekend we are going out decorations hunting! Dollar store and Wal Mart here we come! I am so excited to decorate our little tree! I am thinking of having a silver theme and snowflakes. I will post some pictures of our fully dressed tree later.

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