Friday, December 10, 2010

How we really met

The story behind how Orion and I met is pretty simple. He came home from his mission in upstate New York at the end of April 2009. The next week he came down to visit his brother Dylan who was dating my friend Lauren at the the time. Orion wanted to hang out with some girls so I was invited and so was a couple other girl friends.

Here is the part that I have only told Orion about. I was at my friend Katilyn's house hanging out and getting ready. I know this is going to sound really silly, but it is the truth. I was in the bathroom putting on some makeup because I am lazy and don't put on makeup until right before I leave the house. While I was in the bathroom I thought to myself "What if one of the guys I am meeting tonight is my future husband"? I of course banished this thought because it was crazy and I thought that I was just desperate for a boyfriend.

Well I met two guys that day Orion and his high school best friend Justin. I was not attracted to either of them. I thought both were nice and fun to hang out with, but I had no huge desire to date either of them. To be honest I liked Justin a little more than Orion because he had a similar taste in music. What can I say music is important to me. Plus he knew who Jack's Mannequin was and I was currently (and still a little bit) in love with him. Any guy who knew the words to Miss California was amazing in my book.

The interesting part about Orion and I meeting was the fact that I was suppose to be at school in Idaho, sixteen hours away. Months before I even knew Orion existed I was up in Idaho going to school like a good little Mormon girl. BYU Idaho has a track system so they can except more students. I was on summer/fall which meant I would got to school from April-July and September-December. January-April I had as my "summer" break. But when I moved home at the end of December I started to think that going back in April was not something I should do. It was around February that I decided to stay home during my summer semester and take a class online. At the time I had no idea why I was doing that but it just felt right. Two weeks after the summer semester started I met Orion and a month later we started dating.

Its funny how you feel like you should do something even though it does not make sense. You never know when you will find out the reason you were prompted to do something. I am so glad I listened to that still small voice telling me to stay home. Orion would have stayed in Fresno and I might not have ever met him. Well I hope I would have met him some other way, but it would have been months and months later.

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