Monday, December 13, 2010

Vine Street and Sing Noel

Saturday night was Vine Street! I loved it! Orion has never gone before so I told him we had to go. Before we went to Vine Street we went to dinner with Orion's brother, Theron and his family Cheyenne, Tobin, and Cassie. We ate Tortilla Town and it was delicious as always. Seriously they make the best burritos! Although we were stuffed afterwards. It made walking around a little difficult. Orion was being a

He did not want to stand in line to get FREE COTTON CANDY! Hello cotton candy is the best! He also did not want to get any other of the free stuff they had. I told him he was a grinchy grinch, but that I still loved him.

Sunday night was Sing Noel. That was absolutely amazing. I loved the spirit you could feel there and the music was outstanding. I also realized that Orion and I are not very good at taking pictures of ourselves. We keep forgetting to capture the moment. I even told him before we left the house "Let's take a picture tonight so we can have more recent pictures of ourselves". By the end of the night we totally forgot until we were in our PJ's and I was in no state for pictures. My face currently hates me because I have been so stressed recently. I feel like my face has become a factory for break outs. It is a little bit horrible. Lucky for me my stress level is a lot lower now thanks to school being almost over. I have a final and some super easy stuff tomorrow to do and then I am DONE! For a couple weeks that is. I will take what I can get.

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