Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cookie Cutters

Let me tell you a story about my adventures yesterday. I went to three no four stores looking for cookie cutters in the shape of Christmas items. HELLO Christmas is on Saturday how do three stores NOT have cookie cutters? There is something wrong with the world today. I finally found some at K Mart, I have not been in that store in a long time. I just never think about going there, but my mom suggested that they might have what I am looking for.

They are so cute! Well here is where the story gets interesting. My mom was driving me around because Orion was at work so he had the car. After we got the cookie cutters we went back to my mom's house. She was driving so it was up to her where we went. Luckily I brought the cookie dough with me because I knew I was going to end up at my mom's house. So once I got there I looked around for the things I needed. Cookie sheets, check! Cookie cutters, check! Cookie dough, check! Rolling pin, nope but I found something I could use to roll the dough out.

I found a smooth cutting board to attempt to roll the dough out. No luck. I tried using my hands only and no luck. I even thought about using flower, which I don't like to use because I always end up getting too much flower on whatever I am making. But there was no flower to use. There was nothing to use! Apparently my mom has given up buying important things like flower or any other thing needed for baking since I moved out. SO the dough kept sticking and I am not very resourceful when it comes to baking so I decided to just make them circle because that is simple. I felt dumb because they were for a cookie decorating party later that night and they were all the same shape. I did however attempt to make them different sizes.

After yesterdays little adventure I realized that I am not a great baker. Maybe I should take some classes or read the JOY OF BAKING, according to my sister in law. Or maybe I should just bake things at my house where I have the things I need to bake like flower or powdered sugar (a tip my cousin told me about yesterday, you use powdered sugar when you roll out your cookie dough instead of flour so it is sweet and not floury tasting. This was a great idea considering extra flour in things can make it taste dense) or better yet a rolling pin! You learn something new everyday.

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  1. Oooh! I'm so sorry it didn't work out! But really, IT DID work out! And everyone loved them! Thanks for making the cookies!