Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Lobster!

Let me tell you a little secret, I love sea food. I think it is so yummy and I would eat it everyday if I could. No wonder Orion calls me a fish!

So on Monday after I worked all day long on classes because I finally started them! I am so excited about my classes by the way. Orion decided he wanted to go see a movie in Fresno. The only movie I would agree to watch was Captain America and it was pretty good. After the movie I was starving so I insisted that Orion take me to dinner. (I know what you are thinking, hey they are poor how do they have money to go to a movie and dinner?) Answer we sold our second car and I got my grant which means we are not so poor at the moment. I wanted sushi really really bad but we could not find one/Orion remember where one was near by that he liked and was not overly priced. As you have guessed by the title of the post we went to Red Lobster, which was second on my list of places to go to eat.

They had a special going where you could buy all you can eat shrimp for 16 bucks a person. What a deal! Our waitress was amazing and kept bringing us food.
That is just the plates of the food she brought us after we were stuffed. It was all so delicious! Even after we got our to go boxes she brought another two plates of grilled shrimp. Oh man those little guys were OUTSTANDING!
I told Orion to smile but he is not very good at taking pictures. Silly guy. Good thing I love him so much.
This was just my to go box and shrimp that I decided to leave. Orion's to go box looked the same! We ended up having the left overs for lunch the next day. I was in heaven. As much shrimp as my heart could take and cheesy bread rolls. Best date night if you ask me. As we were leaving I thought about how this was not going with my goal of eating healthier. OOPS! I did order a salad and broccoli to go with the pasta and bread shrimp. That counts a little right?

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