Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh Happy Day

We sold the Cop Car! I was so very very excited to see it go. I was not in love with that car and it is cheaper for us to have one car right now. We are saving over forty dollars a month on our insurance by having only one car. At the moment we need to save as much money as possible. We sold it to a guy named Tim who is getting married soon. He is Mormon too! Oh craigslist you are constantly showing me how small the world really is. Thanks Tim for buying our car, I hope it is wonderful to you and you love it more than I ever did.

The next day I got my grant money from school! I am so excited! Since we moved here I have been stressing out about money. Orion is making more an hour but a billion dollars is being taken out for health care, retirement, and taxes so we are not bringing home as much as we thought we would. Needless to say we needed to be extra careful when it comes to money. But then we sold our car and got my grant money. It is so wonderful to know that Heavenly Father is always looking out for us. It seems that whenever we get into tight financial situations, as long as we are faithful and pay our tithing, the Lord ALWAYS blesses us. Seriously! We ALWAYS find a way to make it through. Whether it be selling my parents fish tanks they did not want (we got to keep the money and my parents even paid us to get rid of them), driving to Oakland to help out Orion's brother (everything was paid for and we got paid to go up there), or getting a call to babysit out of the blue. When it comes down to the wire I know that God is always there to help us out. The answers or help might not come when we think they should, but they come when it is the right time.

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  1. Oh my goodness I'm so happy for you guys!! If I close my eyes and pretend you're still in SLO just imagine I'm hugging you in celebration!